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The first step for any health or nutrition change is to understand and accept your areas for improvement. Using our health assessment tools, you'll answer questions about your eating behaviors in the past. Being in touch with how your mood affects what you eat can make it easier when striving for lifestyle change. It's a commonly overlooked but very important aspect of healthy eating. You may know what comprises a healthy diet but not how to make those changes stick for the long term. Remember, this is about making a lifestyle change, not a quick fix or fad diet.

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Once you complete the diet assessment, you?ll get a profile outlining the type of eater you are. You'll come to realize if you're an overeater or an emotional eater, an effective burner when it comes to metabolism, or because you're a busy mom, you face special challenges. Your eating habits didn't develop overnight so they won't be changed immediately either. However, we offer up a solution for you to start thinking about how you can effectively change your habits to improve your diet and health. Get started now!

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