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A discussion group on symptoms, medications, and experience with diabetes.
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carb/fat/protein ratio?

by frugalou in Diabetes -- Discussing Foods and Food Ideas on Aug 07

I found that I have to be very careful about the type of carbs I eat. Pasta, brown rice and especially OATMEAL-plain...

Neuropathy :(

by frugalou in Diabetes -- Rants, Vents & Whining Allowed on Aug 07

My endocrinologist confirmed something I read or heard through a video, that Metformin flushes vitamin B12 out of your body...

Diabetes Survey, Please Consider Taking!

by venividivici in Diabetes -- discussing medicines on Apr 03

Hey everybody, my name is Elle and I am reaching out to anyone who has or knows somebody that has Type-1 or Type-2 Diabetes...

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Diabetes -- Rants, Vents & Whining Allowed 15 24
A place to complain, vent, whine, grouse, rant and sigh.... with people who understand.
Diabetes -- Discussing Foods and Food Ideas 18 90
Got any favorite foods? Good menu ideas? Looking for suggestions?
Diabetes -- discussing medicines 10 62
This is the place to discuss insulins, pills, shots, etc. (Medicine-related)
Introduce Yourself 55 139
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