Calories in Vietnamese Food

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Good For You Vietnamese Food Calories

Vietnamese dishes are often lighter than their Chinese counterparts in America so you typically get more bang for your buck with Vietnamese food calories. For example, Vietnamese rolls are not fried like egg rolls. Instead, they are made with rice paper and stuffed with veggies and shrimp and can be served as an entree. No meal is complete without a platter of vegetables which makes Vietnamese food nutrition plentiful. Meat is often not the main course and there are many vegetarian and healthy Vietnamese dishes due to the influence of Buddhism.

Healthy Vietnamese Food Tips

Fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables are major components of healthy Vietnamese food. The cuisine is well known for its pho, which is a broth with rice noodles, basil, and greens. The food is very flavorful due to herbs such as cilantro and red chili and the addition of fish sauce which all have health benefits. Sure, there are some fried dishes and dips prepared with coconut milk or peanut sauce but there are even more healthful options to choose from in this cuisine. When it comes to dips, stick to those which are translucent to save calories. Also choose meat or fish which is grilled, steamed or stewed and choose your rice or noodles in moderation.

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