Calories in Japanese Food

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Choose Healthy Japanese Food

Many people know that Japanese food can be nutritious but it’s important that you know the nutrition facts to understand how healthy Japanese food really can be. It can be a low-calorie meal full of veggies, lean protein including fish, and complex carbohydrates but there are also less than healthy Japanese dishes. Anything fried like tempura or main dishes that are heavy on the sauce should be consumed with caution. For a conscious diner, a Japanese menu is easier to navigate than a Chinese food menu due to the plentiful options without tons of sauce and prevalence of fish.

Japanese Food Calories and Nutrition Information

Be mindful when dining out to monitor your Japanese food calories. For appetizer, choose a miso soup, a house salad with ginger dressing on the side or a seaweed salad. Seaweed has recently come into the spotlight as a nutrition powerhouse, rich of vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber which helps keep you full on few calories. For entrée, choose sushi that is not fried or full of mayonnaise and you will save loads of calories. Be mindful of the amount of rice you consume as in roll form, it can add up quickly. You can ask for brown rice for a fiber boost and/or choose sashimi in lieu of some of your sushi pieces. For more Japanese food information, browse through our database and check out the nutrition facts for your favorite healthy Japanese dishes.

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