Coke vs Pepsi

Usually restaurants and vending machines are brand loyal to either Coke or Pepsi. You may be loyal to a brand depending on the taste as well. Pepsi tends to be sweeter than Coke and while they differ in taste, the health information is the same. Sodas, and sugary beverages, are composed of excess calories without nutrition. Consuming too much of either Coke or Pepsi can add up in calories, impact your blood sugar levels, and cause weight gain.

Is Coke Or Pepsi Healthier?

Aside from the impact on your waistline, too much Coke or Pepsi can contribute to tooth decay and even diet versions containing artificial sweeteners can have adverse effects. It’s a controversial issue but some studies point to the fact that artificial sweeteners trick your brain into thinking it’s getting something sweet. When you don’t, your body may crave more sweets later on. Choose Coke or Pepsi in moderation and make it a treat, not an everyday 4 pm vending machine choice.
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