Calories in Grits

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Are Grits Good For You?

A popular Southern breakfast dish, grits health benefits are few unless enriched with nutrients and vegetables. A look at what is in grits explains why are grits fattening. The basic ingredients include corn, water, and salt, which are combined to be eaten like oatmeal or fried. The nutrition profile changes depending on the type of corn used: white corn provides almost 200 calories per cup, while yellow corn provides about 150. Both are high in carbohydrates, and the enrichment process adds B vitamins and various minerals. Although a good source of fuel, it is important to note that grits have high sodium content because of the salt added during preparation. Those with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases should plan accordingly.

What to Eat With Grits?

Grits are often served as a side dish at breakfast, be it with eggs or sausages. Another popular addition is to mix in a small amount of cheese for flavor and texture. Sometimes shrimp can be mixed in, or toppings of strips of stewed meat are added. To add to the health benefits of grits, consider serving with a side of fruit. Slices apples, mashed bananas, or berries are a good choice.

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