Calories in Grilled Chicken

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Is Grilled Chicken Good For You?

When it comes to chicken options, many wonder “is grilled chicken good for weight loss?” Compared to other methods of cooking, such as frying and baking, there are more grilled chicken health benefits. Consider a fried chicken breast: it is often coated in eggs, bread crumbs, and then fried in large amounts of oil, all of which adds extra unnecessary fat and calories to your meal. If cooked right, with spices and until tender and moist, low calorie grilled chicken can be just as delicious. To cut even more calories take the skin off before grilling. The skin is very fatty, which explains why is grilled chicken fattening when cooked with skin.

What to Eat With Grilled Chicken?

The health benefits of grilled chicken include many of the nutrients that chicken offers, such as lean protein, niacin for brain health, and a variety of B vitamins. These show why is grilled chicken healthy. Although most popular chopped into a leafy green salad, that option can get bland after a few times. Consider spicing up your own chicken with paprika, dried or fresh herbs, and a dash of salt or salt substitute and making it part of a whole-wheat burger or a complete meal with a whole grain like barley or brown rice and vegetables.

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