Calories in Chinese Food

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Always Check Nutrition Facts for Chinese Food

Chinese food is notorious for containing hidden sources of calories and fat. It is also often difficult to determine what a portion size is when Chinese restaurants may serve two to three servings in an individual dish. While you may associate Italian food with being heavy on carbohydrates, you should monitor sources at your next meal and be aware of Chinese food health facts. Not only from rice and noodles, carbohydrates are also present in various sauces in the form of cornstarch. From General Tso’s chicken to fried rice, keep track of what you are eating and how much with our nutrition facts for Chinese food dishes. 


Healthy Chinese Food Options for Everyone

Nowadays, many restaurants will list healthy Chinese food dishes on their menus. These dishes are typically steamed with the sauces on the side or are prepared with less oil than in the regular dish. Believe it or not, there are some naturally low calorie Chinese dishes with nutrition facts you can be proud of. A good rule of thumb when eating out is to choose a hot and sour soup or a wonton soup for appetizer so that you are less likely to overeat your oversized portioned Chinese food entrée. Some other easy health swaps are brown rice for white rice and trading in your sauce-laden noodle dish for a stir-fried Chinese dish with veggies that are full of fiber and nutrients. As far as dessert, there is usually not a healthy Chinese option, so save that fried green tea ice cream for a special occasion.


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