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Is Candy Bad For You?

Candy bars, caramels, chocolate, gummies, lollipops, licorice…the list of candy choices can go on and on. If you have a sweet tooth for any of these sweet treats, you may want to think twice about why is candy unhealthy and is candy fattening. It can be if consumed in excess! Most contain a substantial amount of sugar, and that’s it! If eaten too much, the calories will add up and you might see a few extra pounds around your waistline. They will cause a rapid spike in blood sugar, but a short while later you might feel yourself crashing from lack of energy. In addition, candy can be detrimental to your oral health, causing cavities and rotting teeth! Just like any food, candy can be consumed in moderation, but not excess!

Healthy Alternative to Candy

What to do if you have that sweet tooth craving for candy but don’t want to have any? There are plenty of alternatives for you to consider. If you still want to have the candy, low calorie candy options are available. They have reduced sugar content! Other alternatives to consider include fruit, which have natural sugar and are good for you, as well as sugar-free gum. Dry fruit is also an option. You can also try fruit popsicles when the weather is nice and warm. You’ll fulfill your sweets craving and cool yourself off too!

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