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What Is Biscotti?

You may have seen biscotti being sold in a coffee shop or bakery, but what exactly is it? Originating in the Italian city of Prato during the time of Roman soldiers and travelers, biscotti is a thick, hard cookie that was twice baked to give it the dry and crunchy texture. Originally, these cookies were almond flavored, but there are many variations today using a variety of spices and flavors, such as walnuts, carob chips, orange zest, cinnamon, star anise, and more. There are even some varieties that are covered in icing or chocolate! Typically, this cookie is dipped into hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to make it softer and more chewable.

Is Biscotti Healthy?

As with anything, the calories in biscotti depend on the specific recipe used, as well as the size of the cookie. In general, biscotti does not offer many health benefits. It does not contain much fiber, but is a source of processed carbohydrates, which will cause a rapid spike in blood sugar and then leave you feeling hungry. It is also high in sugar and fat, and homemade varieties may have higher caloric content than store bought ones! Low calorie biscotti and lower fat recipes do exist, and those are a healthier option.

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