Calories in Beer

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Source of Beer Calories

There are approximately 150 calories in a standard 12 oz serving of beer. Because there are so many varieties and flavors this calorie count can vary. What many might not realize is that beer calories do not come from fat or cholesterol. Beer does alter your metabolism though by slowing down the rate at which you burn fat and carbohydrate. Beer is caffeine free, contains no nitrate, and has significant amounts of healthy micronutrients such as selenium, potassium, phosphorus and biotin. It is also full of polyphenols.

Beer Health Facts

Beer health facts vary among brand and type. The best healthy beer is a light beer and there are brands with products containing less than 70 calories per serving making those the lowest calorie beers currently on the market. This has approximately half the calories as a traditional light beer. Consuming beer in moderation would help prevent the infamous “beer belly” and recent studies have actually shown positive impacts on overall health. One beer a day could lower LDL cholesterol levels, improve overall mental health and reduce blood clotting. However, drinking beer or any other alcohol in large amounts can lead to severe liver damage, heart disease and vitamin deficiencies.

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