Calories in Almonds

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What is in almonds?

Almonds as a snack or as part of a larger meal provide several nutrients. Despite being calorie dense (164 calories per ounce, which is about 23 almonds!), they contain micro and macro nutrients essential for the diet. They are abundant in Vitamin E: 25 almonds give an adult 40 percent of his or her recommended daily allowance. An ounce of almonds also provides women and men with about two-thirds of their daily recommended intake for manganese, and an ounce of dry roasted almonds provides 20 percent of the daily recommended allowance of magnesium. Almonds also have plenty of fiber, some protein, and good fats.

Health Benefits of Almonds

The nutrition facts above may leave you wondering: are almonds good for you? The answer is yes! There are numerous health effects of almonds. Besides the high mineral and vitamin content, the good mono-unsaturated fatty acids help lower LDL (the bad cholesterol) and may increase HDL (the good cholesterol). The fiber content can help you feel full longer and will stabilize blood sugars. The high amount of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, protects membranes and skin from harmful free radicals. In addition, almonds are gluten free, so they can be used to cook and bake gluten-free meals!

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