What is the best cereal to eat for breakfast?
Asked by sarahpeak on Jul 07, 2008 in Nutrition

I am currently eating muesli for breakfast but I am wondering if there is a better cereal to eat in the morning.


Whether your breakfast cereal is ready-to-eat or cooked, it should be made from whole grains and be low in sugar, fat and sodium, high in fiber, and free of saturated- and trans-fat. Ideally, one serving should provide about 5 grams of fiber, no more than 8 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fat, 140 mg of sodium, and have a whole grain listed as the first ingredient. Fortified cereals provide significant nutrients, but fortification not as important as whole grains.  Cereals are made healthier by adding fat-free milk and fresh fruit. Use the food grades on Calorie Count to identify the healthiest cereals.   

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