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Bariatric Surgery whether gastric bypass or stomach band...come talk about goals challenges you are facing and accomplishments.
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Welcome to the Group

by danilans in Introduce Yourself on Feb 25

Hi there! Wondering if this is still an active group? I am 38. Had Gastric Sleeve on 1/30/2012 and it is now 2/25/2014...

This weeks challenge-Back to bariatric basics

by jolson1973 in Challenge on Jan 03

Can do! My stomach is so small right now, I can barely eat much less drink water on top of it.

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Sep 11, 2015
Sep 08, 2015

I had surgery August 20th of 2008...I had lost a total of 110lbs...bad habits are creeping in and 15lbs have crept back on...when I came to calorie count I searched for a bariatric group for support where I would find understanding and support...along with weekly challenges which go along with post opp guidelines...I didn't find what I was looking for.  Join me in creating a place for bariatric pre and post opp patients to meet for understanding and we all know...the surgery is just the tool...the rest is up to us.

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