Tricks For Achieving Your Goals

The point of this post is to give you a general feel for how to lose weight in a healthy manner, but also to give you the information you need to improve your health. For many people, it seems that weight loss is the end all and be all, and that's not a healthy way to think. I do not intend to discuss eating disorders, except to say that many eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, occur when the need to be thin and "beautiful" goes too far, to the point where one is willing to risk their health just in order to be thin.

If you, instead, aim to be healthier and fitter, then your aims are somewhat different than if your only aim is to lose weight. Aiming for better health means not only learning to stay under a certain number of calories per day, but also learning to eat healthy and well-balanced meals. Aiming for better health means becoming physically fit, so that as you get older you can enjoy the benefits of health (such as lower risk of many cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, and numerous cancers).

A good way to stay on track and motivated is to break up your overall weight loss and health improvement goals into a number of small and manageable steps. This allows you to celebrate your accomplishments more frequently, and, thus, to reward yourself. Some examples of goals that you should consider include:

  • Losing 10/20/25/30/50 pounds

  • Getting down another dress or pant size

  • Being able to jog your first mile

  • Being able to bike your first five miles

  • Entering and running your first 5K race

  • Eating healthy enough to earn a Grade of A in the food logs

  • Eating close to the FDA suggestions for a week, etc.

Now as far as rewards go, it is my strong suggestion that you give yourself non-edible rewards. I've seen rewards that range from CDs and videos, new gadgets, tattoos, trips to the massage parlor, trips to the spa, new clothing, and the like. In the end, you should reward yourself with something meaningful and enjoyable to you. And enjoy every moment of it! Once you've reached your goal, whatever that goal is, you really should be proud of yourself!

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