One Step Back, Two Steps... Back?

So you've had a great week, eaten the right number of calories, and just feel all-around good, when you go shopping and see your favorite chocolate. At first, you're like: "That looks good." Then you go home and think "Gee, I'd like chocolate." Before you know it, the chocolate monster has taken control of your body going "NEED CHOCOLATE! MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE!"

You are having a craving.

My first suggestion is try to ignore it. Many cravings only last about 10 minutes. Drink some water, read a book, go for a walk, do something else. Try to get your mind off the craving. If it's still there after a reasonable time and you can't make it go away, give in to it, a little bit. If you desperately need a piece of chocolate, have a small piece (such as a Hershey kiss and a fun-size candy bar). If you gotta have a burger, go ahead and have a burger, and work that in to your daily meal plan.

It's better to give in to your craving, a little, than to eat everything else in the hopes it will go away. Remember, we all occasionally make a step back in our lives, but what really matters are the steps we make next. When you find yourself in this situation, we strongly encourage you to tell our community on the public forums, so we all can make sure that your next steps will be heading in the right direction.

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