Nutritionist Q&A


1500 Calories in Six Meals-a-Day
Six meals may sound like a lot of food, but the portions are key and probably smaller than you think.
Body Types
Which are you? Muscular and short? Soft and curvy? Tall and skinny? Why it matters...
Gestational Diabetes
Gestational diabetes occurs only during pregnancy. Learn about your risk of developing gestational diabetes and how to control it.
Our Toxic Food Environment
Tasty food, devoid of nutrients, is everywhere around us. Discover how to cope with our abundance of high-calorie food, and find ways to exercise.
Television And Obesity
The sedentary nature of watching TV and the associated lure of snacking can lead to weight gain. Become informed and change your viewing habits.
How to Eat at a Social Event
It's a jungle out there. Learn to maneuver through the pitfalls of parties, barbeques, holidays, and get-togethers.
How to Shop
Where else can you get a hot meal, with three wholesome food groups, in less than five minutes? From healthy frozen dinners, of course. Think of frozen dinners as portion-controlled mini-meals, or as the base of a complete dinner when you add salad, whole grain bread, fruit, and milk or yogurt.
Ideas for Eating More Vegetables
You know veggies are good for you, but you just don't get enough. Convenience is the key to eating more. Learn how.
Ideas for Eating More Fruits
We know that they are good for us. We know that they are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are even full of substances called phytonutrients, which help to fight diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, cancers and blood pressure.
Jump-start Your Metabolism
Are you looking to burn more calories? Learn what it really takes to increase your metabolism.
Keeping Food Logs
Monitoring your mood, food, and calories is probably the most important skill you'll need to develop while losing weight.
Mini-meals and Metabolism
Whether you eat several mini-meals or three squares-a-day, you still need to watch total calories. Learn why skipping meals is not the way to go.
The National Weight Control Registry
Some people say the hardest part of weight loss is keeping it off. Find out how successful "losers" maintain weight loss over the years.
Nutrient-rich Snacks
Snacks can be a healthy way to increase your intake of needed nutrients. Here are some guidelines and ideas.
How to Set Smart Nutritional Goals
To be successful in changing behaviors, you need to set small, measurable goals. Learn how to be S-M-A-R-T about it.
Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic activity gives your heart, lungs, and large muscle groups a workout, while burning calories. Benefits go even beyond that.
Your Weight And High Blood Pressure
There is a STRONG relationship for young adults between their weight and the chance of developing hypertension. Determine whether high blood pressure is a problem for you.
How Dieting And Age Affect Your Metabolism
Changes in your muscle mass affect the rate at which you burn calories, and past dieting as well as your age affects your muscle mass. Learn to make sense of it all.
Understanding Metabolism
How are your calorie requirements determined? Learn about the different ways your body burns calories.
Waist Circumference
Being "apple-shaped" puts you at more risk for developing chronic diseases. You need to know your own waist circumference to assess you risk.
Weight Training for Weight Loss
Pump up to trim down. Lifting weights will rev up your metabolism and help you get toned.
What Is a Balanced Diet?
You've heard the term before and know how important it is. But what exactly is a BALANCED diet?
When You Can't Measure, Estimate Portions
Not everyone carries measuring cups or spoons around with them! Learn how to estimate how much you eat when you are eating out.
Simple Ways To Cut Calories
Feeling overwhelmed by the need to lose weight? Just start with these simple tips and watch your calorie intake drop.
1500 Calories in Three Meals-a-Day
What does 1500 calories look like? Here is a sample menu with 1500 calories a day and a wide variety of foods.
All About Dash
Did you know you could lower your blood pressure with the foods you eat? Learn more about the DASH eating plan.
Distracted Eating
Research shows that people tend to eat more food when their attention is not focused on the eating. Find out how multi-tasking can backfire.
Intuitive Eating
If you're looking for permanent weight loss, you may need to move away from dieting. Learn how to move away from rigid diets.
Are You at Risk for Pre-diabetes?
Could you develop diabetes? Find out the risk factors and learn which ones you can change.
Prevent or Reverse Pre-diabetes
"Borderline" blood sugar levels once made people shrug, but not now. Find out why pre-diabetes is actually the start of a serious condition.
All Activity Counts Toward Weight Loss
Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or NEAT, refers to the calories you burn during physical activity that isn't categorized as exercise, like taking the stairs and cleaning the house, for example.
Size Matters
Visual illusions, like short drinking glasses, larger plates and big spoons, can lead you to eat or drink more than planned
Supermarket Psychology
Supermarkets do a tremendous amount of research to analyze your every buying move. You need a defensive strategy when shopping for food.
Basic Q&A
Calorie Counting basics and information for those getting started.
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