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Hello, I'm hkellick (aka HK. Everyone calls me HK here. :) ). I'm a 31 year old environmental engineer living and working in the DC Metro area. I live with my wonderful fiancee K and four fuzzy felines. I am here to continue to lose weight, continue to gain health and to work towards being fit, muscular and thin.

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Brynith Ensor-Estes is currently working in the Nutrition Labeling Department at FreshDirect, an innovative food company located in New York City. She has undergone personal studies of health, diet, wellness, fitness and nutrition for the last eight years, and has studied raw food and detoxification extensively.

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The reason that I'm here at is to reclaim my life. I used to be in shape. I used to run 5k on a daily basis. I used to even pro-wrestle. The biggest change in my life? I used to be able to see my toes. This is my challenge to reclaim everything in my life and make myself proud again.

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Ms. Paluso has been committed to health, fitness, education and transformation her whole life and is dedicated to making a difference in the community through nutrition and exercise. In addition, Ms. Paluso is a relationship manager at Thomson Financial, providing financial market data solutions to hedge funds and asset managers in NY and CT.

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I live in Pennsylvania, I'm 65, retired and enjoying an empty nest and being on my own for the first time in my life. I live in a small town with great neighbors and close to family. I have grown children but no grandchildren as yet.

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I spent most of my life at a healthy weight and never had to worry about my diet or the fact I hated exercise and never did any. However, once I hit 30 (the apparent "magic" number for many women), it changed. I started gaining steadily and realized I had to do something or else it would get out of hand.

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Jim's Journey
Meet Jim, a registered nurse who was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in August of 2007. We asked Jim if we could follow his progress for one year, as he learns to adapt to life with diabetes.

Member Blogger:
I am a holistic counselor specializing in weight management in New York City. I am passionate about helping others with weight loss, emotional eating, food addiction, eating disorders, post-weight loss, and body image concerns because I have been there myself.
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