Calorie Count Ethics Policy

Conflict-of-Interest Policy 

At, we strive to make our content practical and trustworthy with health information based on scientific research. In order to maintain credibility, we adhere to two guiding principles:

Objectivity: Our Editorial Staff doesn’t give preferential treatment to any outside resource (publication, video, affiliate, website), based on their relationship with the person or company who authors or owns that resource. Nor are they influenced by advertising or other commercial considerations. Our editors and writers will not accept free transportation, gifts, junkets, or commissions/assignments from current or potential news sources.

Full Disclosure: Our editorial staff always discloses any relationship or financial interest with a source or company whose products they review or any other entity that may compromise their objectivity.

*Any opinion or preference expressed belongs to the author alone and does not necessarily represent the philosophy of as a whole. 

Review Policy

As is common in the publishing industry, our writers often have free access to products or services to review. Writers may keep low-cost items, such as packaged food products, for their own personal use but not for resale. They may also receive free access to services or events (such as food tastings) for the purpose of writing reviews or otherwise informing their readers. Writers must return all review or demo items with a value exceeding $100. Receiving free samples of food or any other item in no way influences whether these products are featured at all or in any kind of light, either favorably or unfavorably. 

We require our editorial staff to provide full disclosure about any free products or services they have received, so the reader can make a decision knowing all the facts.


Any dietitian or nutritionist doing work for Calorie Count must adhere to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (ADA) and its credentialing agency, the Commission on Dietetic Registration’s (CDR), Code of Ethics.

Medical Review Process

When appropriate, original articles created by Calorie Count’s writers are reviewed by our medical review board prior to publication.  All third-party content is obtained from third-party providers whose editorial processes have been evaluated and deemed acceptable. Sources of third-party content include: government agencies, not-for-profit foundations, professional medical publishers of health information and consumer publications.

Advertising Policy

All advertising content is clearly distinguished from the editorial content by the following labels: advertisement, sponsored links, ads. We do not accept illegal advertisements or any advertisement that Calorie Count feels is objectionable or in bad taste.

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