Are You Worth Your Weight In Gold?

For those who have been following my progress, you’ll know that I’ve been losing weight for a few months now. For those of you who don’t, I’ve been on a weight loss program since November 22, 2006. I’m starting to see some results, but I know that there’s a long way to go. I’ve lost fourty pounds.. but I’ve got another sixty to go, just to hit my first true goal.

One thing that I’ve noticed is, now that this is starting to become a lifestyle, things are changing. It’s not just a matter of the weight anymore. It’s about an entire life transition. Have you ever looked at a bunch of “Before and After” pictures? What do you see? The first thing you notice is the loss of weight, how their face looks skinnier, and sometimes their complexion is cleaner.

But what else do you see? You see a new haircut. You see better posture. You see a smile on their face. When I was 379 pounds, as I’ve written before, I didn’t want to be in the family photographs taken during the holidays because I was ashamed of what I had become. Also, I’m getting closer to my degree in education, and I’ve always wondered how much my obesity would affect my chances in a job interview, and if and when I got a teaching job, what kind of discipline and respect I would be able to offer - when my own life was a bad example of poor discipline and a lack of respect for my own body?

Things change. It’s an evolving process, and it’s something that I can say that I’m proud of. Now, I know I’m not where I need to be yet, and there’s got to be some laws here in Michigan that prevent me from going to the beach without a shirt on, but my outlook on life is constantly evolving.

I am the one who is going to decide what I put into my body, and how much I challenge myself in the gym. I am the one who is going to be making better choices, and treat my body and mind with the respect that it deserves. There are TV shows out there, and people in the media, magazines, self-help books, and pretty much anything you can find on the internet - all telling you different things. From a range of “it’s up to you, seize the day!” to “it’s society’s fault, there’s nothing you can do about it”.

I’m here to tell you that while every day isn’t easy, life can bring you rewards if you want them. If you can make that personal decision for yourself that your body, and your life, are worth the effort it takes to do what it takes for you to look look into the mirror with pride, then I’m here to tell you that one thing:

YOU are worth the effort.

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