About: Support Team

Sheila Creusot
Customer Support
Sheila worked her way into our team the hard way. She was first a member and became familiar with our service, community, and the dieting field in general. She then volunteered as a moderator on the public forums and was widely recognized for her authoritative but neutral and fair leadership. Finally, she out-competed many other fellow member-candidates to get her current position as Customer Service Representative.

Ruzica Mitrovic
Database Specialist
Ruzica was the first employee to be hired. Her first question, a couple of years back: "Wait, how many food items do I need to enter into the database?" Unrelated to this job, but impressive nonetheless, she has photographic memory and claims to remember the number of calories of any food item that she has ever worked on.

Nenad Mitrovic
Database Specialist
Nenad admits that he initially only accepted the job with Erik and Igor in order to be able to hang out with Ruzica; they are married now. Nenad specializes in database fire-fighting, but he is also famous for his cocktail-making skills and the fact that he never sleeps at night -- instead he catches up with sleep during office hours.
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