1800 Calorie Meal Plan

If you are active or have a lot of weight to lose, or based on your individual needs, 1,800 calories a day may be an ideal daily calorie goal for you. At 1,800 calories a day, you may feel less fatigued than you would if you ate a lower amount of daily calories. By starting at a modest caloric intake, your weight loss or maintenance goals may be easier to sustain over the long term given the flexibility and allowances that this calorie level affords.

Balance Your Food Groups

To balance the amount and types of food you eat, it's important to plan your daily menu to incorporate the different food groups into a day's worth of meals. Balancing the different food groups will also help you get the daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals as well as a healthy proportion of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Here is a list of the daily allowances for each food group

2-3 servings of Vegetables

2-3 servings of Fruit

5-6 ounces of Meat/Protein

6-8 ounces of Grains/Starches (half of which should come from whole grains)

3 servings of Fat-Free or Low-fat Dairy

5-6 servings Oils/Fats (These may be acquired through food depending on how the food is prepared.)

Calories Per Meal and Snack

With the 1,800 calorie meal plan, if you eat three meals a day and two snacks, you?ll need an average of 500-550 calories per meal, and 200 calories per snack. You could also aim for 4 meals per day, at no more than 450 calories per meal, with no snacks. Or here?s another way how your 1,800 calorie daily menu could pan out:

Meal Food Group Servings Menu Choice Amount Calories
Breakfast: Spinach & Cheese Omelet Grain Equivalent 1 Light Multigrain English muffin 1 muffin 100

Fruit 1 Orange 1 medium 60

Meat Equivalent 2 Eggs 2 large 160

Vegetable 1 Spinach 1 cup 40

Milk/Dairy 1 Swiss Cheese 1 ounce 100

Lunch: Turkey & Avocado Sandwich with Berries Grain Equivalent 2 Whole Grain Bread 2 slices 160

Meat Equivalent 2 Turkey Breast 2 ounces 70

Vegetables 0 Lettuce and Tomato Garnish 10

Oils/Fats 2 Avocado 2 ounces 80

Fruit 1 Blueberries and Strawberries 1 cup 60

Milk 1 Non-fat Greek yogurt 6 ounces 100


Snack Meat Equivalent 1 Cashews 1 ounce 160

Fruit 1 Apple 1 medium 100

Milk 1 Low-fat String Cheese 1 stick 80


Dinner: Veggie Burrito Meat/Starch Equivalent 1.5 Pinto Beans 1/2 cup 125

Grain Equivalent 2 Whole Wheat Tortilla 1 170

Vegetables 2 Red Cabbage and Summer Squash 2 cup 70

Fruit 0 Mango Salsa
2 tablespoons 20


Snack Grain Equivalent 1 Air-Popped Popcorn 3 cups 95





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