1500 Calories in Three Meals-a-Day

To eat healthy, choose a variety of foods and drinks from and within different food groups. Make food choices that will limit your intake of saturated and trans fat, cholesterol, added sugars, salt and alcohol.

How much you should eat? That depends on your height, weight, age, sex, level of physical activity and whether you are looking to maintain, lose or gain weight.

www.ChooseMyPlate.gov can help you determine how many servings you should choose from the different food groups, as well as how many discretionary calories you can have. That refers to the calories left over after you've met your nutrient needs with wise choices from the other food groups. You can "spend" those calories on larger portion sizes, higher fat versions foods, or by adding sweets, fat, or alcohol.

Following is a sample 1,500 calorie plan, including selections from all the food groups.

Meal Food Group Servings Menu Choice Amount Calories
BreakfastGrain Equivalent1Whole wheat toast1 slice

Fruit1 1/2Banana1 small

strawberries1 cup

Milk1low-fat milk8 ounces

Oils/Fats2-3peanut butter1 tablespoon

coffee1 tablespoon

sugar2 teaspoons

LunchGrain Equivalent2whole wheat bread2 slices

Meat Equivalent3roast beef, lean2 ounces

baby carrots, raw1/2 cup

Fruit1pear, sliced1 small

Milk1low-fat milk8 ounces

Oils/Fats1mayonnaise, regular1/2 tablespoon

DinnerGrain Equivalent2pasta, cooked1 cup

Meat Equivalent2chicken, cooked2 ounces

Vegetables1marinara sauce 1/2 cup

2broccoli, cooked1 cup

2salad, tossed2 cups

Milk1/2low-fat milk4 ounces

Oils/Fats2olive oil2 teaspoons

vinegar, seasoning

zero-calorie beverage




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