1500 Calorie Meal Plan

A 1500 calories per day diet is 500 calories below the standard 2000-calorie level that standard nutrition facts labels are based on. Many diet programs suggest lowering your daily caloric intake by at least 500 for a 1-pound a week weight loss, so 1500 calories is a common daily calorie goal. Here's how to go about creating a menu for a 1500 calorie diet.

Balance Your Food Groups

To balance the amount and types of food you eat, it's important to plan your daily menu to incorporate the different food groups into a day's worth of meals. Balancing the different food groups will also help you get the daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals as well as balance your protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake. Here is a list of the daily allowances for each food group.

2-3 servings of Vegetables

2-3 servings of Fruit

5-6 ounces of Meat/Protein

6-8 ounces of Grains/Starches (half of which should come from whole grains)

3 servings of Fat-Free or Low-fat Dairy

5-6 servings Oils/Fats (These may be acquired through food depending on how the food is prepared.)

Calories Per Meal and Snack

With the 1500 calorie meal plan, if you eat three meals a day and two snacks, you?ll need an average of 400-450 per meal, and 150 per snack. You could also aim for 4 meals per day, at no more than 375 per meal, and have no snacks. Here?s one way your 1500 calorie day could pan out.

Meal Food Group Servings Menu Choice Amount Calories
Breakfast Grain Equivalent 1 Rolled Oats (with water) 1/2 cup 190

Meat/Protein Equivalent 1/2 Pecans 2 tbsp 103

Milk/Dairy 1 Low-Fat Milk 8 ounces 110

Maple Syrup 2 teaspoons 32

Lunch Grain Equivalent 1 Whole Wheat Tortillas (100 cal) 1 100

Meat Equivalent 1 Taco-seasoned ground beef (90% lean) 3 ounces 196

Vegetables 1/2 Tomatoes and Onions 1/4 cup each 7

Milk/Dairy 1 Shredded cheddar cheese 1 ounce 110

Fruit 1 Orange 1 medium 62


Snack Fruit 1 Cherries 12 fresh 48

Hershey's Kiss 1 22


Dinner Grain Equivalent 1 Spinach Fettuccine 1/2 cup dry 190

Meat/Protein Equivalent 1 Lentils 1/4 cup 56

Vegetable 1 Tomato sauce 1/4 cup 109

Vegetable 1/2 Butternut squash 1/2 cup 41

Vegetables (for Ceasar salad) 1.5 Romaine lettuce & red bell pepper 3 ounces & 1 medium raw 31

Oils/Fat 1 Lite Caesar dressing 1 ounce 63

Grain Equivalent 1/2 Whole wheat croutons 1/4 cup 30






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