1300 Calorie Meal Plan

Meal planning is easier when you know your daily calorie intake. If you're starting at 1,300 calories, you're just above the lowest recommended calories per day of 1,200 calories. To stay within your calorie budget, you'll have to work a little harder with this low amount of calories per day. Use the chart below to customize your meals and snacks. If you create a weekly or monthly menu that incorporates your favorite foods, but considers a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins, you'll be on your way to staying within your daily calorie limit. Here's a great start to a 1,300 calorie meal plan.

Balance Your Food Groups

While you don't have to have food from every food group each meal, it's a good practice to try and balance the amount of food you eat from different groups so that you get the recommended servings daily. Here is a list of the daily allowances for each food group.

2-3 servings of Vegetables

2-3 servings of Fruit

5-6 ounces of Meat/Protein

5-6 ounces of Grains/Starches (half of which should come from whole grains)

2 servings of Fat-Free or Low-fat Dairy

3 servings Oils/Fats (These may be acquired through food depending on how the food is prepared.)

Calories Per Meal and Snack

With the 1,300 calorie meal plan, if you eat three meals a day and one snack, you could average 350 calories per meal, and one large snack not to exceed 200 calories. You could also aim for 4 meals per day, at no more than 325 calories per meal with no snacks. Here's how your 1,300 calorie day could pan out:

Meal Food Group Servings Menu Choice Amount Calories
Breakfast Grain Equivalent 1 Light Multigrain English muffin 1 muffin 100

Fruit 1 Peach 1 large 60

Milk/Dairy 1 Low-Fat Cheddar Cheese 1 ounce 80

Meat Equivalent 1 Egg 1 large 80

Lunch Grain Equivalent 2 Whole wheat pita 1 large 170

Meat Equivalent 2 Tuna, light 2 ounces 50

Vegetables 0 Lettuce and tomato Garnish 5

Oils/Fats 1 Mayonnaise, lite 1 tablespoon 50

Vegetables 1 Baby carrots, raw 1/2 cup 40

Milk 1 Non-fat Greek yogurt 6 ounces 100


Snack Meat Equivalent 1/2 Almonds 10 kernels 80

Fruit 1.5 Apple 1 large 115


Dinner Grain/Starch Equivalent 2 Black Beans 2/3 cup 140

Meat Equivalent 3 Salmon, grilled 3 ounces 160

Vegetables 3 Kale, cooked 1 cup 35

Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers
1/2 cup 15

Oils/Fats 1 Olive oil 1 teaspoon 60






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